id v. intent title / description
CO-0 details CO-0 1.5 MUST Web based shopping systemThe system shall be implemented as a web platform such that it can easily be accessed by vendors and buyers alike.
CO-1 details CO-1 1.1 MUST ACME Online must be built in Java ACME Online must be built in Java such that it can be maintained and extended by the in-house IT department.


id v. intent title / description
RQ0 details RQ0 1.5 MUST Secured LogonThe system shall prevent un-authorised access to a user's account.
RQ1 details RQ1 1.8 MUST Unique UsernameThe system shall identify users via a unique username.
RQ2 details RQ2 1.8 MUST PasswordThe system shall store passwords against each username.
RQ3 details RQ3 1.3 MUST Authenticationshall be established based on the correct username and password combination.
RQ4 details RQ4 1.1 MUST Password Structure The system shall only allow passwords greater than eight characters long being a mixture of alpha-numerics.
RQ5 details RQ5 1.2 MUST Failed LogonsIf a logon attempt is unsuccesful the system shall inform the user, however specfic reasons for the failure shall not be communicated as this information can prove useful for malicious authentication attempts.
RQ8 details RQ8 1.0 MUST Personal InformationThe system shall store certain personal information about each user on the system.
RQ9 details RQ9 1.0 MUST First NameThe system shall store a first name against each user.
RQ10 details RQ10 1.0 MUST Last NameThe system shall store a last name against each user.
RQ11 details RQ11 1.0 MUST AddressThe system shall store an address against each user.
RQ12 details RQ12 1.0 MUST Names fieldsName fields should be at least one character in length.
RQ18 details RQ18 1.1 MUST Shopping cart running totalThe application shall calculate a running total of all the products in the shopping cart. This will not include shipping or gift wrap costs.
RQ19 details RQ19 1.3 MUST Shopping cart default quantitiesWhen products are added to the cart the system shall assume a quantity of 1 (one) is required.
RQ20 details RQ20 1.0 MUST Product already in cartWhen a product that aleady exists is added to the shopping cart, the system shall increment the quantity by 1 (one).
RQ21 details RQ21 1.14 MUST View personal demographic informationThe system shall allow the user to view the demographic information it holds about them.
RQ22 details RQ22 1.9 MUST Edit personal demographic informationThe system shall allow the user to edit their personal demographic information.
RQ25 details RQ25 1.5 MUST Select products for purchaseThe system shall allow the buyer to select products for purchase
RQ26 details RQ26 1.5 MUST Shopping CartThe system shall support the concept of a user's shopping cart such that zero or more items can be stored for purchase.
RQ28 details RQ28 1.7 MUST Order trackingThe system shall allow orders to be tracked both buy buyers, vendors and service personnel.
RQ29 details RQ29 1.11 MUST Associate orders with buyersThe buyer's unique username shall be associated with any order he or she places
RQ30 details RQ30 1.8 MUST Associate order line item with a vendorThe system shall associate order line items with a vendor via a unique vendor id.
RQ35 details RQ35 1.8 MUST Order list presentation orderWhen a user searches for orders the list should be presented with open orders first with secondary sorting being via order date in reverse chronological order (newest orders first).
RQ36 details RQ36 1.8 MUST Order summary dataThe following should be displayed on the order summary list. Order date/time, order (overall) status, order price, estimated compltetion date (if known), buyer and vendor details.


id v. intent title / description
RQ6 details RQ6 1.1 SHOULD SSL EncryptionThe system's website should support SSL Encryption to prevent data being sniffed by malicious parties. view comments
RQ7 details RQ7 1.3 MUST AuthorisationThe system shall store permissions against each user such that their level of access to the system can be controlled.
RQ13 details RQ13 1.1 MUST Web UIThe user interface shall be a web based ( HTTP ) user interface to ease deployment and accesibility.
RQ14 details RQ14 1.1 MUST Multi-currency supportThe application shall support multiple-currencies.
RQ15 details RQ15 1.0 MUST USD currency supportThe application shall support payment in USD ($).
RQ16 details RQ16 1.0 MUST GBP currency supportThe application shall support payment in GBP (£).
RQ17 details RQ17 1.1 MUST Euro currency supportThe application shall support payment in Euro ().
RQ23 details RQ23 1.13 MUST Role based controlsThe system shall support roles to aid with the managment of granular permissions.
RQ24 details RQ24 1.6 MUST Role multiplicityThe system shall allow a user to be associated with one or more roles. Their permissions will be the union of the permissions defined by each of their roles.
RQ27 details RQ27 1.5 MUST Permission based controlsThe system shall only allow access to functions that are associated with the permissions of the current user.
RQ31 details RQ31 1.8 MUST Restrict list of ordersThe system shall restrict the list of orders visible to the user such that they cannot review orders that are not associated with them.
RQ32 details RQ32 1.7 MUST Users can only see their ordersUsers shall only be allowed to see orders that they have placed
RQ33 details RQ33 1.6 MUST Vendors can only see orders associated with themVendors can only see orders associated with them by virtue of having one or more line items placed with them. Should the order also contain line items placed with a different vendor, these details will not be accessible.
RQ34 details RQ34 1.7 MUST Service personnel can view all ordersService personnel shall be able view all orders on the system such that can help with any support queries placed by the buyer and/or vendor.


id v. intent title / description
BO-1 details BO-1 1.1 MUST To Improve UK market share by upwards of 1.5%. Efficiencies and improved usability must allow ACME Plc. to reach out more effectively to its customers to improve sales and customer retention.
BO-2 details BO-2 1.1 MUST Eliminate the need to re-key web order data thus saving 2 FTE.The solution must integrate with the backend CRM system such that manual re-keying of order information is not required.
BO-3 details BO-3 1.1 MUST Reduce vendor management overheads by 20%. Currently it is difficult for vendors that sell products via ACME Plc. to track the number and payment status of orders placed via the system. Integration with the backend CRM would not only allow them to track orders and payments made via the web sales channel but also allow them to view orders placed by phone and mail.


id v. intent title / description
SC-1 details SC-1 1.1 MUST Achieve a 50% increase in user customer satisfaction within 6 months of go-live.Improve buyer customer satisfaction such that they are likely to want to use the site more.
SC-2 details SC-2 1.1 MUST Achieve a 25% increase in vendor customer satisfaction within 6 months of go-live. Improve buyer customer satisfaction such that they are likely to continue to do business with ACME Plc. .


id v. intent title / description
AS-1 details AS-1 1.1 MUST The new ACME Plc. corporate branding will be availble in time for release 1 The corporate barnding must be avaible prior to system test of release 1.