Xuse User Guide: Stakeholders

The stakeholder.xml file contains the the complete list of stakeholders pertinent to the project. Stakeholders may represent individuals or groups.

An Example XML based stakeholder file is shown below:

example stakeholder XML fragment

Before examining the different parts of the XML structure in detail it is worth visualising the transformed HTML result:

example stakeholder HTML view

Note: traceability to requirements is derived from references in requirements rather than in the stakeholder file itself.

Stakeholders XML reference

The following table explains the XML structure for the stakeholder.xml file

Location/XPath Cdn. Description
xuse:stakeholders 1 Container for all the stakeholder entries.
xuse:stakeholders/@model-version 1 Version of Xuse schemas that this file conforms to. This should not need to be changed and is typically used by the upgrade tool.
xuse:stakeholders/xuse:actor 0..* Container for an actor entry.
xuse:stakeholders/xuse:stakeholder/xuse:description 1 Description text explaining which individual or group is represented by the stakeholder.
xuse:stakeholders/xuse:stakeholder/xuse:title 1 Short title for the stakeholder.
xuse:stakeholders/xuse:stakeholder/xuse:role 1 Reserved for future use.