Release History

Version Date Description
01.00.RC2 In CVS 01.00.00 release candidate 2
01.00.RC1 2010-05-12 01.00.00 release candidate 1
01.00.SNAPSHOT 2010-03-05 01.00.00 snapshot release
01.00.SNAPSHOT.Feb2010 2010-02-26 01.00.00 snapshot release
00.03.SNAPSHOT.Nov2009 2009-11-08 00.03.00 snapshot release
00.02.00 2007-04-05 Final 00.02.00 release
00.02.RC3 2007-02-23 Expected final release candidate for 00.02.00 release
00.02.RC2 2006-11-14 Ongoing tweaks prior to final 00.02.00 release
00.02.RC1 2006-10-11 First candidate release for version 00.02.00
00.01.00 2006-02-03 Added support for non Maven users plus bug fixes
00.01.RC1 2006-01-21 Initial release candidate for 00.01.00

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Release 01.00.RC2 - In CVS

Type Changes By
add Updated documentation showing how to create and use the trace-report feature. odlingsmee
add Added new schema that describes the format of an external artefact trace report. odlingsmee
update Updated DTD for stock content that is included via XInclude. odlingsmee
fix Added warning if the Graphviz version is not supported. Older versions of Graphviz may not produce the correct rendering for SVG images - currently need Graphviz version 2.22+ Fixes 3001693. odlingsmee
fix Fixed PDF image rendering issue under Linux. Changed SVG incorporatio to be a instream object to solve path resolution issues. Fixes 3001697. odlingsmee
update Incorporated remaining Slovak phrases. Translations courtesy of Tomas Klacko. odlingsmee
fix Fixed minor annoyance regarding the validation report. Fixes 3001577. odlingsmee
update Incorporated remaining German traslation. Courtesy of Florian Haag. odlingsmee

Release 01.00.RC1 - 2010-05-12

Type Changes By
update Updated generic upgrade framework, and XSLTs for simple upgrade from version 0.3 to 1.0. odlingsmee
fix Fixed activity diagram scaling issue in PDF version of use-cases. Fixes 2964294. odlingsmee
fix Fixed the issue where an orphaned actor was being displayed on use-case package diagram. Also slightly modified the layout routine. Fixes 2880468. odlingsmee
fix Fixed issue where the use-case navigation was not being correctly created in some circumstances. Fixes 2947382. odlingsmee
fix Fixed the schema validation routine to include all documents rather than just the vision document. Fixes 2941574. odlingsmee
fix Fix to prevent an existing project being overwritten by the "new-project" command. Fixes 2969279. odlingsmee
fix Fixed stack trace if Xuse is used in an incorrect location. Fixes 2969278. odlingsmee
fix Fixed it so that PDF links are created first time the "xuse" command is used. Fixes 2974518. odlingsmee
fix Fixed issue with broken links for deeply nested document sections (issue #2992096). Fixes 2992096. odlingsmee
update Imported German translation and fixed some issues with the internationalisation framework - many thanks to Florian Haagfor the German translation. odlingsmee
add Added theme creation and installation goals for ease of theme creation and installation. odlingsmee
update Finished fairly major overhaul of the xuse themes and improved ease of theme creation. odlingsmee
fix Fixed maven defect (#2986549) raised by jesusoviedo. Fixes 2986549. odlingsmee
fix Fixed defect (#2984386) raised by jesusoviedo. Fixes 2984386. odlingsmee
update Updated the trace report import routine such that it is now working. odlingsmee
add Added Slovak translation to Xuse. Many thanks to Tomas Klackofor contributing the translation. odlingsmee

Release 01.00.SNAPSHOT - 2010-03-05

Type Changes By
fix Fixed XInclude issue on java 1.5. Fixes 2961182. odlingsmee
fix Fixed spaces in path issues when using Graphviz. Fixes 2961180. odlingsmee
fix Created work around for URIResolver issue that occurred when using gij JVM. Fixes 2960564. odlingsmee
fix Added more defensive coding if the parser does not support XInclude. Additionally altered build script such that Xerces parser is shipped with Xuse to minimise parser incompatibility errors. Fixes 2959765. odlingsmee
fix Altered DTD removal routine to cope with variations that occur on different platforms. Fixes 2959762. odlingsmee

Release 01.00.SNAPSHOT.Feb2010 - 2010-02-26

Type Changes By
fix Fixed line break issues for SVG titles. Fixes 2880422. odlingsmee
fix Fixed some of the stringent constraints in PDF generation. Fixes 2878925. odlingsmee
fix Fixed navigation text wrapping Fixes 2947384. odlingsmee
fix Resolved SVG scaling in chrome Fixes 2871050. odlingsmee
fix Fixed CSS issues for Firefox and Chrome as well as providing some improvement to HTML output in general odlingsmee
update Improved overall performance of HTML generation odlingsmee
update Added properties to conditionally switch off glossary linking odlingsmee
update Improved performance when handling large glossarys odlingsmee
add Added properties to conditionally disable model validation odlingsmee
add Added the ability to import a glossary in CSV format odlingsmee
fix Fixed some scalability issues odlingsmee
update Improved the scalability and performance of CVS import routine. odlingsmee
add Added initial translation into French. odlingsmee
fix Fixed many issues with the internationalisation routines. odlingsmee
fix Fixed logo loading. Fixes 2878952. odlingsmee
add Added basic SRS to template project. odlingsmee
update Added support for arguments in resource text. odlingsmee
update Fixed most of the issues with XInclude although there are some limitations. Updated template project with working example. odlingsmee
add Added document support for XInclude directives - some issues remaining. odlingsmee
update Ironed out a few issues when updating to Saxon vesion odlingsmee
update Completed tooling and template for Vision document. odlingsmee
add Added use-case activity diagrams to PDF output - still requires some finesse. odlingsmee

Release 00.03.SNAPSHOT.Nov2009 - 2009-11-08

Type Changes By
add Added improved logging utilisties for diagnostic purposes. odlingsmee
fix Fixed all the path issues when running Xuse on *nix environments. Fixes 2889916. odlingsmee
fix Fixed the HTML document generation for vision documents. Fixes 2878895. odlingsmee
fix Fixed SVG link targets for Firefox users. Fixes 2871054. odlingsmee
fix Fixed SVG link targets for Google Chrome users. Fixes 2871051. odlingsmee
update Improved template project to make it more complete. odlingsmee
add Added use-case activity diagrams. odlingsmee
add Added use-case package diagrams. odlingsmee
update Improved CSV import functionality. odlingsmee
add Added CSV export function. odlingsmee
update Improved validation routines and reporting as well as fixing a few schema errors. odlingsmee
add Added new validation report. odlingsmee
update Fixed use-case hierachy and removed madatory nature for requirements title. odlingsmee
add Added support for CSV based requirements imports. odlingsmee
update Updated support for generic document publication in HTML - specifically for the vision document. odlingsmee
add Added intial support for generic document publication in HTML inclusing linking from project browser. odlingsmee
fix Fixed schemas and improved validation coverage. odlingsmee
update Extended the validation such that the whole project can be validated at once. odlingsmee
add Added initial classes to perform schema validation. odlingsmee
add Created the inital drafts of the document schema that will form the basis of all generic Xuse documents. odlingsmee
update Updated model to allow for extensibility (i.e. the model can be extended using foreign namespaces). odlingsmee
update Nearly completed xsl to generate standalone PDFs for use-cases. odlingsmee
add Added intial xsl templates to create xsl-fo from use-cases. odlingsmee
add Added initial files for ex ecuting FOP from Xuse. odlingsmee

Release 00.02.00 - 2007-04-05

Type Changes By
fix Fixed some build issues ready for release. odlingsmee
fix Fixed issue with glossary generation. odlingsmee
fix Fixed defect on schema extraction due to classpath conflict. Fixes 1687209. odlingsmee

Release 00.02.RC3 - 2007-02-23

Type Changes By
update Completed and tested addition of maven 2 support. odlingsmee
add Adding maven 2 support odlingsmee
fix Fixed defect [ 1599150 ] where spaces in path caused Xuse build to fail: this was an issue when Xuse was installed under a folder with blank spaces in the path. Fixes 1599150. odlingsmee

Release 00.02.RC2 - 2006-11-14

Type Changes By
update Fixed it so that some properties can be read from a local file ( Fixes 1579975. odlingsmee
fix Fixed issue with a stylesheet such that themes can now be applied - themes are still work in progress though. odlingsmee
fix Fixed defect [ 1579625 ] Text tokens replacement - there was a small issue with the function searchng for internationalised strings. Fixes 1579625. odlingsmee

Release 00.02.RC1 - 2006-10-11

Type Changes By
update Added integration tests and fixed some defects with the upgrade tool odlingsmee
update Improved template project and added upgrade guide odlingsmee
update Upgraded template project to demostrate features of Xuse version 00.02 odlingsmee
update Progressed with upgrade tool odlingsmee
update Updated Java build tools to support features of version 00.02.00 odlingsmee
fix Fixed some minor issues with the schema defintions odlingsmee
add Added support for project glossary odlingsmee
add Added tree style navigation for Javadoc style view. odlingsmee
add Added support for actors and started work on Javadoc style navigation. odlingsmee
update Converted static text to values contained within dictionary as part of the i18n support. odlingsmee
add Added initial functionality as a first step of i18n support. odlingsmee

Release 00.01.00 - 2006-02-03

Type Changes By
fix Fixed a minor bug in the data-types.xsd schema. Also fixed a bug in the traceability between requirements and use-cases. odlingsmee
update Fixed classes that allow Xuse to be installed without Maven odlingsmee
add Added base classes for doing builds outside maven odlingsmee

Release 00.01.RC1 - 2006-01-21

Type Changes By
add Added template project. odlingsmee
add Added Java class that is uded by the XSL to scan for use-cases and added the XSLTS to pull things together for the prototype HTML site. odlingsmee
update Updated XSLs to allow dynamic linking from use-cases to requirements and other use-cases odlingsmee
update Updated schemas and stylesheets to support annotations. odlingsmee
update Updated use-case schema to support business-rules. odlingsmee
update Updated use-case schema to support main flow, alternate flows and excepin flows. Also added XSLT for HTML view of use-case. odlingsmee
update Updated requirementType to allow for reference to parent and other requirements. odlingsmee
add Initial Schemas odlingsmee