Xuse User Guide: Glossary

The glossary.xml file contains the project glossary. The glossary entries may either represent abbreviations or common words that are pertinent to the project. Glossary entries are not directly referenced elsewhere in the XML files of a Xuse project - rather the HTML generation auto links to glossary terms when they are detected within a passage of text. Because of this powerful feature you can automatically link existing text to a new glossary entry should the term prove unfamiliar to your readership.

An Example XML based glossary file is shown below:

example glossary XML fragment

Before examining the different parts of the XML structure in detail it is worth visualising the transformed HTML result:

example glossary HTML view

Note: in this example you can see the auto linking between text and items in the project glossary. The text HTML in the glossary entry for SSL has auto linked with the HTML glossary entry.

Glossary XML reference

The following table explains the XML structure for the glossary.

Location/XPath Cdn. Description
xuse:glossary 1 Container for all the glossary entries.
xuse:glossary/@model-version 1 Version of Xuse schemas that this file conforms to. This should not need to be changed and is typically used by the upgrade tool.
xuse:glossary/xuse:entry 0..* Container element for the glossary entry.
xuse:glossary/xuse:title 1 The title for the glossary entry.
xuse:glossary/xuse:abbreviation 0..1 Optional abbreviation element which may be provided in addition to title.
xuse:glossary/xuse:description 1 Description for the glossary entry.