Xuse Maven 2 plugin Downloads

Maven plugin for Xuse - supports the same functionality as Xuse standalone but is integrated with Maven.

Version Release Date Description
01.00.00-RC2 2010-05-21 Maven plugin version of second release candidate.
01.00.00-SNAPSHOT-2010-04-16 2010-04-16 Bugfix release to address significant issues.
01.00.00-SNAPSHOT-2010-03-05 2010-03-05 Snapshot release of the upcoming 01.00.00 release.

Xuse Java Annotations Downloads

Annotation classes and processor for Java annotations that allow traceability between Java artefacts and Xuse model elements. See the trace report for more information.

Version Release Date Description
01.00.00-RC2 2010-05-20 Second Xuse release candidate.