Xuse supports internationalisation. By default Xuse will produce output in English (UK), however there are some translations available. If Xuse does not auto-detect your language try setting the xuse.default.locale.override to the supported language of your choice.

Supported Locales

Locale Locale String Credit Coverage
English (UK) en-GB Xuse team 100%
French (France) fr-FR Xuse team 80%
German (Germany) de-DE Florian Haag 100%
Slovak (Slovak Republic) sk-SK Tomas Klacko 100%

The Xuse team is greatly indebted to the people who have very kindly provided translations for Xuse.

If the language you want is not supported - why don't you help the project and provide a translation? If you are interested in a translation but don't think you would be able to provide it please raise a feature request.